The Institute of Cultural and Interdisciplinary Studies (Instytut Nauk o Kulturze i Studiów Interdyscyplinarnych, INKSI) was established in 1991 as the Institute of Cultural Studies of the Department of Philology of the University of Silesia (Uniwersytet Śląski). Its name was changed to the Institute of Cultural and Interdisciplinary Studies of the University of Silesia 21 years later to more accurately reflect the scope of research conducted by this academic unit, probing cultural issues from the perspective of academic disciplines as diverse as media studies, anthropology, communication studies, aesthetics, theatre studies, literature studies and film studies.

From its very beginning, the Institute has been known for its wide and active collaboration with local, domestic and foreign academic institutions, conducting and championing interdisciplinary cultural research, holding events such as conferences, symposia and art festivals, participating in distinguished publishing projects, promoting the Silesian region in Poland and abroad, and fostering education in cultural studies.
Cultural studies were introduced as a separate discipline into the University of Silesia in the mid 1970s to mark and accommodate the rising interest in comprehensive research in all culture-related issues. The scope of interests of the faculty members of the Cultural Studies Department warranted an autonomous critically-informed academic programme within the humanities framework. Over the years, Silesian cultural studies have become a trademark, recognized for its unique blend of anthropological reflection with a comprehensive approach to media of various generations.