Regionalny Instytut Kultury in Katowice (Regional Institute of Culture in Katowice)

Regional Institute of Culture (RIC) is a cultural facility of the Silesian voivodeship’s self-government. The facility was established by the Act of Silesian Regional Assembly from 18 April 2016. It was a merger of two other already existing facilities - the Regionalny Ośrodek Kultury in Katowice and the Śląskie Centrum Dziedzictwa Kulturowego (Silesian Center of Cultural Heritage).

Regional Institute of Culture in Katowice is a voivodeship self-government cultural facility of a disseminating, and research and development character. Some of the Institute’s tasks are: conducting cultural research and projects (e.g. analysis of the condition of culture), keeping record of maintenance, developing innovative sociocultural stimulation programs, cultural education, organizing training in the scope of organization and direction of cultural activities, promotion and protection of the regional cultural legacy, publishing house operations, and creating cooperation networks which integrate subjects of the cultural industries.

Regional Institute of Culture in Katowice issues the quarterly magazine Fabryka Silesia.

It supports creation and implementation of culture-related projects, and helps with fundraising for cultural activities. RIC also provides training and consulting services, organizes various educational and artistic events, and co-organizes and provides technical assistance to numerous festivals, competitions and other events taking place in Silesia.

Targets of their offer are: cultural and artistic facilities, local self-government units, broadly defined cultural and creative industries staff, initiators, instructors, trainers, freelancers, independent artistic groups, culture-related NGOs, and academic community.