Klavs Hyttel

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Partner and Architect m.a.a. Klavs Hyttel has been with C. F. Møller since April 1986, interrupted by the period from 1 August 1994 to 1 August 1996 when he was associate professor at the Aarhus School of Architecture, from which he is also a graduate. Klavs has been a partner at C. F. Møller since 1 January 1997.

As a partner, Klavs has been responsible for a wide range of projects for the construction of educational and research institutions, commercial construction and construction of cultural and residential buildings. The healthcare sector is a key architectural field, with the planning and design of many large and complex hospital projects both in Denmark and abroad, but also on a smaller scale, such as Hospice Djursland and chapels in Oslo and Herning.

Klavs contributes his overview and wide experience throughout the process, from the first exchange of ideas with the client, further idea development and drawings, to project design and execution.

A large proportion of the construction projects have won both national and international awards, and together with the architectural practice Klavs has also been awarded the Københavns Murerlaugs (Copenhagen Masons' Guild) Architecture Prize in 1999 and the Nykredit Architecture Prize in 2006.

Klavs also serves as expert adjudicator in architectural competitions and has held a number of honorary positions, most recently as chairman of the Danish Association of Architectural Firms.